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Institution Offer

Institution Offer

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a Mumbai-based private education consultancy. As our objective, we assist students in achieving their goals of overseas education. We have agreed to launch a campaign to educate them about your university and the steps involved in realizing their dreams on the other side of the Indian border. We will assist students during the entire study abroad process.

We you like to work with you to educate students as they start their journey in exploring institution. We intend to bring you and students together through our platform where they get introduced to offering form your institution. This in turn will address objective to provide a better platform to our students for further studies and a secure future. Also, to give ample opportunity to deserving students by helping them in any respective manner and give them the needy education from the best.

This involves things like

Choosing a university/college

Learning about their courses and curriculum

Submitting an application

Assisting with external documents and files

Arranging their financial documents

Applying for visas.

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We go through the student application and ensure that its dully filled with all essential attachments and as per the university criteria. We filter the applications and submit only qualitative applications to the institute.

Market Research

We analyze the market trend and do proper back end research to understand the market to get productive marketing strategy that helps in evolving our business.

Marketing And Branding

We prioritize marketing and branding as we understand its importance in the present world. We are also planning to conduct virtual education fair so that we can promote some of the best programs offered by your institute.